The Report on Consumer Internet of Things Sector Inquiry by EU Commission

The European Commission (“Commission”) has published the findings of its competition sector inquiry into the consumer Internet of Things ("IoT") on 20 January 2022. The final report and its accompanying staff working document identify potential competition concerns in the rapidly growing markets for IoT related products and services in the European Union.

Comments include input from stakeholders such as leading consumer IoT players, smart device manufacturers, creative content service providers, associations, or telecommunication operators.

The main findings of the sector inquiry on the Consumer IoT cover the following points also covered in the preliminary report:

  • The characteristics of consumer IoT products and services,
  • The features of competition in these markets,
  • The main areas of potential concern raised by stakeholders in relation to the current functioning of consumer IoT markets, as well as to their future outlook.

The information collected in the context of the sector inquiry on the consumer IoT will provide guidance to the Commission's future enforcement and regulatory activity. Any competition enforcement measure following the sector inquiry would have to be based on a case-by-case assessment. Furthermore, the conclusions deriving from the sector inquiry will inform the Commission's further work in implementing its digital strategy. In particular, the findings of this sector inquiry will also contribute to the ongoing legislative debate on the Commission's proposal for the Digital Markets Act.

You can reach the full text of press release here.

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