Zumbul Attorneys-at-Law; with its reliable and experienced team, provides consultancy, compliance and litigation services in various areas of law and particularly data protection & privacy law, information technologies & intellectual property law, corporate & commercial law, and litigation & dispute resolution. It offers practical, fast, result-oriented and state-of-the-art solutions to the complicated problems of the law.

Aware of the legal, technical and practical needs of today, it aims to stay up-to-date and be open to innovation while following the developments of business life and academic world closely. In order to provide the best service in short notice to its clients both in Turkey and abroad, it provides a one-stop-solution opportunity with its qualified technical team and experienced lawyers who are competent in Turkish and European legal systems. With a team consisting of various lawyers who have a good command of English, French, German, Greek, Russian, and Spanish, it ensures prompt and healthy communications with every corner of the globe. Beyond being an asset to its clients and the business world, Zumbul Attorneys-at-Law also aims to create values for the society it’s in, by organizing social events and participating variety of charities.